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1. Function of spleen is:

- Remove old RBC, platelet, microorganism

2. Organ is large in childhood

- Thymus

3. Avoid taking oral iron preparation in which of the ff.?


4. Type of anemia due to decreased/absent function of bone marrow?


5. S gene (HbSA) has sickle trait, which of the statement about client is true?

-Asymptomatic, but is carrier may pass it on to the offspring.

6. A client has aplastic anemia has not respond to medication. Best hope is for:

-Bone marrow transplant from an HLA matched sibling donor

7. An appropriate nursing intervention for a client with “Ineffective tissue perfusion related to a decreased number of RBC”

-administer oxygen as needed.

8. A client with Hodkin’s Disease

-Localized Hodkin’s Stage IB

9. A client

-Client should be referred to support groups, social worker, clergy

10. During radiation which of these is important teaching (after)

-Fluid intake of at least 2500 ml.

11. Another name for acute chest syndrome

-a type of pneumonia

12. What are the signs of leucopenia that a nurse needs to monitor for when caring for a client taking meds that depress the hematopoietic system?

- Fever & Sore Throat

13. In a client with lymphatic system disorder, which of the following physical assessment is a priority for a nurse to perform?

-Inspect tonsils for size/appearance

- client undergoing treatment

14 Client with thallasemia, what is the role of the nurse during a transfusion?

- to closely monitor the rate of administration

15. Patient with sickle cell anemia, why does the nurse auscultate the lungs and heart?

- To detect the abnormal sound suggestive of acute chest syndrome and heart failure

16. If an older adult it anemic, which of the following is usually suspected?

- blood loss from the gastrointestinal or genitourinary tract

17. A young male client is diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. The client is bedridden for quite a few days but the nurse should help the client perform the activities related to self-care. Which of the following strategies may the nurse use to help perform simple ADL?

-Divide the care into manageable amounts and prioritize activities.

18. A client with lymphosarcoma experiences nausea after chemotherapy. Which of the following measures should the nurse suggest to help client reduce feeling of nausea?

-offer clear liquid (carbonated beverage, water, icepops)

19. Early symptoms of a sudden loss of blood (hypovolemia) include

- extreme pallor

20. All of the following are appropriate nursing intervention for dx of “Altered tissue perfusion related to decreased number of RBC’s & decreased oxygen except”

-restricting fluid intake to avoid fluid overload

21. Which of the following food sources is high in iron:


22. One food rich in folic acid is


23. Which of the following recommended for folic acid deficiency anemia?


24. A nurse is caring for a client with sickle cell crisis. The following are appropriate nursing intervention except:

-assess hand grip strength

25. A client with leukemia develops thrombocytopenia following chemotherapy. Based on this, which of the following nursing intervention is highest priority?

- monitor the client’s platelet count

26. The following are nursing intervention/client instruction in caring for client with pancytopenia except:

- Insert foley to monitor I &O

27. Client with leucopenia has a platelet count of 10,000/m3 Which of the following is priority nursing assessment

-Level of Consciousness

28. Sygenic cells are

- cells donated form the client’s identical twin


-Blood loss from GI/genitourinary tract

30. Factors involved in the development of leukemia include the following except

- none of the above (Ionizing radiation, immunologic factors, exposure to chem./drugs

31. Presence of Reed-Sternberg’s cells in client’s ________ is pathognomonic of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

-lymph node

32. Anemia in client’s diagnosis with leukemia is secondary to

-increased production of wbc’s in bone marrow

33. Most common leukemia in adults older than 50 years old

-Chronic Lymphocytic

34. Lymphatic fluid in the left internal mammary nodes dreain through the _______ into the _______

-thoracic duct, left subclavian vein

35. Complex decongestive physiotherapy in lymphedema include the following except

-proximal massage of edematous areas to promote drainage

36. Which of the following should be consumed by a client with iron deficiency anemia to promote absorption?

-rich sources of vitamin c

37. Acute hypovolemic anemia from severe blood loss is evidenced by which of the following signs and symptoms of hypovolemic shock

-reduced urine output

38. A male college student has been diagnosed with an infectious mononucleosis affecting tonsils. An appropriate treatment is indicated to a client. Which of the following measures should the nurse suggest to prevent it

- refrain from sharing food/cigarettes with friends/peers

39. A client has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. Which of the following pertinent questions should the nurse ask the client to

- Are you experiencing fever, chills, night sweats?

39. Nurse is caring for a client with Hodgkin’s disease on a particular day, the client develops respiratory distress. Which of the following measures should be taken by the nurse to help client get relief?

-Keep neck in midline, keep in high fowlers

40. A client with Hodgkin’s disease is at risk for skin integrity due to pruritus. Which of the following intervention should a nurse perform for client skin to remain intact

-Apply ice to skin for brief periods

41. Which of the following is common method to use to promote lymphatic drainage/prevent edema in all client with lymphedema

-elevate the affected part of the body

42. Secondary lymphedema may develop secondary to the following except

-congenital lymphatic dysfunction

43. Infectious mononucleosis is caused by


44. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma include the following except

-cystosarcoma phylloid

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